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(Lashai has been fortunate to share the stage with speakers such as Dr Myles Munroe, Bill Walsh, Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Yemi Akinsiwaju to name a few)

Hi there and welcome to the online family of  MY JOURNEY. I’m Lashai Ben Salmi proud founder of MY JOURNEY,  Mega Lash-Lash Competitions and Fashion Lash-Lash. Tray-Sean my junior brother and I are co-authors of Kidz That Dream Big! and co-creators of Put The RED CARD Up to bullying. I set up  MY JOURNEY after missing 12 plus of school education due to being  bullied. This left me feeling sad, isolated and a host of additional emotions. Ever since I’ve wanted to make a change in my life and the lives of children and youth across the globe by sharing my story in the hope of inspiring you to achieve the same or better.

We continue to learn how to mirror and match the traits of successful and enlightened social entrepreneurs. As a result we are intentionally creating our future filled with having FUN, DREAMING BIG and MAKING MONEY doing what we LOVE. We have chosen to convert our adversities into empowerment now it is your turn.

We convey absolute gratitude for all of the wonderful experiences that we continue to have and more importantly, we convey gratitude for being able to inspire you to rise up empowered. With the loving support of our family and friends.

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We have a DREAM to inspire children and youth (just like YOU) to have FUN, DREAM BIG and MAKE MONEY doing what YOU LOVE and to convert your PASSION into PROFIT!

Now! Visualise your desired  lifestyle and notice the transformation now that YOU are financially FREE! All from the comfort of your own home. Feels good right? Yes or Yes?

In 2011 Lashai attended an event and was coined the UKs youngest entrepreneur by ClearlySo as they have co-authored: Kidz that DREAM BIG! and co-created: Put the RED CARD up to bullying and now you can create the same or better.


Here are some question you should consider on your way to success

- What would happen if you did DREAM BIG?

- What will happen if you don’t DREAM BIG?

- What won’t happen if you do DREAM BIG?

- What won’t happen if you don’t DREAM BIG?

Always remember that you are special, worthy and able to create huge ripple effects of positivity within your life.